The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges. We are facing a global threat at a level that has been unknown in the lifetime of most people alive today. Like many people in our community, country, and around the world, we want to do our best to best to help in this crisis. Our commitment is to work tirelessly to get our Nuclein™ Hand-Held PCR Test to market by fall 2020.

 We cannot make any guarantees, except that we understand the life and death stakes involved with COVID-19 testing; everyone involved in this project has loved ones at high risk from this disease. We will do everything we can to launch our Nuclein™ Hand-Held PCR Test, while recognizing that a rushed product that fails to meet the needs of the patient will not be helpful to anyone. If we all work together, we believe we can succeed and make a meaningful difference in the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is also important to note that meeting our timeline will require FDA regulatory clearance and active assistance from certain governmental agencies, as well as strategic partners, such as large-scale manufacturers and reagent-producing life science companies, to help with certain steps in the process. We are working to contact potential partners as helpful.